Services from Global Trade Credit


“We are INSURING your business success”

Global Trade Credit distinguishes itself by providing a full suite of services to our clients. From evaluating client risk mitigation to obtaining non-binding indications and filing claims, we work to ensure that all aspects of our client’s Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance policies are dealt with in a timely manner. Best of all, our array of services are provided at no cost to the client.

“We SECURE your business”

We provide solutions to “Secure your Business”, with a credit insurance policy against non-payment, insolvency or protracted default.

“The best kept SECRET in business today”

The use of a Specialty Credit Insurance Broker will assist you to find the most appropriate policy in the limited credit insurance market. This is done by using their insight to address your unique situation and provide a solution to meet your objective and help you grow your business. The use of this product works to the advantage of all stakeholders and shareholders.

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